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  • Pilates is for every body

    OM PilatesTM offers private, in-home sessions for clients who prefer one-on-one Pilates training. Pilates is for men and women, and for every body shape, age, and fitness background. OM PilatesTM will provide you with a personalized exercise plan that will help you reach your individual fitness goals and/or safely help you to stay active as your body heals from injury.

    Whether you are looking to restore optimal movement, enhance athleticism, or are simply wanting to mix up your current fitness regimen, allow OM PilatesTM to welcome you home to your new self! We pride ourselves on educating clients toward precise movement and alignment in order to achieve maximum benefits that will carry over well beyond regular workouts, and lead you to a more balanced and healthy body overall – all without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.


Discover how pilates can help you build a lean, toned, healthy body

We bring the studio to you

OM PilatesTM brings vitality right to your doorstep. You will receive positive, engaging, and personalized attention aimed at strengthening your core, correcting postural issues, improving muscular imbalances, and assisting with overall toning and conditioning in order to better serve your long-term health and wellness.

OM PilatesTM is pleased to offer exclusive, in-home mat and small equipment sessions. We will teach you how your own muscle resistance can be a transformational workout, and one that can rival any gym session. We follow rigorous Pilates and overall fitness standards, and our instructors share a common vision of providing superior instruction while also maintaining client safety as our foremost concern. Contact us today to learn more about our mission and to schedule your introductory session so you can experience results firsthand. You will be challenged and you will have fun. Most of all, you will be investing in yourself and you will absolutely reap long-term rewards from your dedication and commitment.

  • Meet Monique

    Monique has been an educator for fifteen years. She has a deep-rooted passion for balance in all facets of life, and teaching Pilates was a natural choice when it came time to consider sharing knowledge outside of a traditional classroom setting.

    Monique is trained in STOTT® pilates. She has completed intensive training in essential and intermediate repertoires for mat, reformer, Cadillac reformer, stability chair, and barrels. In addition, Monique has completed specialized training to assist clients with a multitude of injuries, physical ailments, and pre- and post-natal pilates.

    Monique’s mission is to bring Pilates directly to clients to make the process as convenient and accessible as possible. Whatever your Pilates goals may be, Monique will work with you to create a plan that fits your vision precisely, and that can also be adapted at any time to continually meet individual needs.

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Balancing Bodies At Home

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